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Data Science

Data Science using




Artificial intelligence & Machine learning

AI and machine learning
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Cloud Computing

Cloud Architects: Journey to AWS, Azure and GCP

Our Training Programs

Fast-Track Training Course


Artificial Intelligence Crash Course

Intelligent machines advancing technology, shaping industries, transforming our world's future.


Data Science Crash Course

Harnessing data's power, unraveling complex patterns, empowering informed decision-making journeys.

Computer Vision

Computer Vision crash course

Computers perceive, analyze, understand visual information, augmenting human vision capabilities.

Benefit for Learners

Trainings on latest technology

We provide an adaptive technology-driven and personalized learning experience to professionals on Cloud Computing, Al&ML, IoT, Security, and other advanced technologies.

Flexible time & mode of delivery

Our flexible online training programs allow individuals to attend the session anytime anywhere.

Certified Trainers With Strong Expertise

Our training sessions are facilitated by industry-certified experts having solid understanding and knowledge of emerging technologies.

Interactive Learning Experience

Many online courses incorporate interactive elements such as quizzes, assignments, discussion forums, and virtual labs.

Learnings Blended with Real-life Case Studies

We offer creative and impactful earning solutions blended with real life case studies to help learners to get started with first-hand industry experience.

1:1 Mentoring from Experts

We have a pool of industry-certified Cloud experts who offer one-on-one guidance and support to learners in understanding their career objective & choosing right skills for their career.

Advanced Skills Certification


6,999 Per Certification
  • Fit for Beginners
  • Entry-Level Certification
  • Instructor led training
  • Mode Online
  • Practice Assessment


24,999 Per Certification
  • Fit for specific Job Roles
  • In-depth Skill Certification
  • Instructor led training
  • Mode Online
  • Practice Assessment


34,999 Per Certification
  • Fit for Professionals
  • Advanced Skill Certification
  • Instructor led training
  • Mode Online
  • Practice Assessment


29,999 Per Certification
  • Fit for Professionals
  • Specialized Skill Certification
  • Instructor led training
  • Mode Online
  • Practice Assessment

Training Services for Corporates

Elearners365 is the most trusted name when it comes to customized trainings for corporations. Our training programs enable employees to equip themselves with the latest technologies and skill updates in Cloud, AI&ML, Security, and Big Data.

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In the U.S. and Canada, Professional Certificates start at $39/month after the initial 7 day free trial period. Price can vary by country and will be adjusted for your location at checkout.

In addition to hands-on projects designed to showcase your experience, you’ll get access to a 5-step job search guide to help navigate the process. You’ll also get support to build a standout resume and LinkedIn profile, virtual interview practice for your specific industry, job, and experience level, and access to the Professional Certificate Alumni Community to network with other career switchers. 

None! Whether you’re completely new to the job field or have had some experience, an entry-level Professional Certificate doesn’t require any background knowledge

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