Game Developer


All successful participants will be provided with

• Certification of Completion from AVIT
• Exposure on Real Time Projects.
• Global Certifications to boost-up Resume


Why Game Development is Lucrative?

Some of the most popular games in the world are developed by small teams or even just individuals, often with surprisingly small budgets—and they still make millions of dollars in revenue. If you love playing video games and have even the slightest interest in creating them, then you’ll be happy to learn that you can actually make money with your passion! You don’t have to be some kind of genius or an indomitable spirit to make a living as a game developer; the first step, however, involves learning how to use all the tools of the trade. From there, it’s all
about being able to apply yourself and hone your craft so that what you produce looks (and hopefully plays) like something that was made by professionals.

Who should attend this Program?

Designed for students/ working professionals, fresh graduates, self-starters, and career transformers with essential work experience.

  • Engineers
  • Freshers
  • Marketing & Sales Professionals
  • Software & IT Professionals

Course Curriculum

  • Game Player to Game Developer
  • Game Designing, Game Engine
  • Unity Setup, Unity Core Concepts
  • Working in 3D Space,
  • Setup Scene, Material, Lights etc
  • Game 1: 2D Shooter Overview
  • Get Input System, Asset Package
  • Player , Camera, Level, Music Setup
  • Game Loops , Code Understanding
  • Additional Topic: Operating System
  • Unity Programming Basics
  • OOPs, C# Scripting, Variable
  • C# Data Structures , Loops, Functions
  • C# Classes, Objects
  • Use of C# within Unity
  • Game 2: 2D Platformer Overview
  • Unity Tile maps, Player , Rules, Animations
  • C# Script using Visual Studio
  • Game World Designing and Storytelling
  • Character Design and Plot Setting
  • Interactive Stories
  • Additional Topic: Virtualization
  • Game Play: Mechanics, Dynamics and Affects
  • User Experience intro, I/O
  • User Experience Designing UX
  • Game Technology, H/W, S/W, Envs
  • Game 3: 3D Shooter Overview
  • Unity Terrain, Envs Prefabs,
  • Setup First Level, 3D Art Assets
  • Player Controller, Enemy AI Setup
  • Boss Fight, Setup Another Level
  • Additional Topic: Networking
  • Game Graphics, Audio
  • Asset Pipeline
  • Level Design Intro, Activity etc
  • Game Balancing, Prototyping, Playtesting
  • Level Whiteboxing with ProBuilder
  • Art Pass, Prefabs
  • Adding More Levels
  • Creating Special Effect
  • Coding Standards for this project
  • Script Execution Order
  • Additional Topic: Cloud


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